CIGR working group established in 2016
Plant Factory and Intelligent Greenhouse (PFIG)


Work plan

The plant factory and intelligent greenhouse (PFIG) working group is responsible for all the activities relating to plant factory and intelligent greenhouse in CIGR with close relationships with the existing TSs and WGs. The relevant TSs are TS II, TS III and TS VII. The TS II "Structure and Environment" put attention on traditional structure and environment for animal husbandry and cattle housing (our PFIG working group can provide a specific information on plant factory and intelligent greenhouse), the TS III provides technology and equipment for wide-range of plant production (our PFIG working group can promote the plant production under artificially controlled environment), the TS VII covers all the information technology (our PFIG working group intensively deals with application and implementation of information technology to plant factory and intelligent greenhouse). The chairs and the key steering committee members will create and activate a new PFIG working group to accomplish the above mentioned purposes through the following activities:

  1. Workshops/Seminars: The events will be held every two years, covering the main trends and new developments in the field worldwide. Internationally prominent experts in the field will be invited as invited speakers. Some sessions might be organized by younger generation researchers. Generally, the events will be held in the form of on-site meetings.
  2. Website: The website of PFIG working group will be created on the web server of the research center for high-technology greenhouse plant production in Ehime University (JAPAN) and linked to the main CIGR website. The PFIG working group website consist of R&D trends, technical reports, events, networks, information on trainings and courses, case studies, links to relevant websites.
  3. Working group activities: Regular group meeting is conducted by skype and email to discuss the action plan of working group and share the latest information.
  4. Administration support for the development of outreach materials/activities, partnerships and collaborations.