CIGR working group established in 2016
Plant Factory and Intelligent Greenhouse (PFIG)


Steering Committee Members (in alphabetical order by surname)

1. Dr. Chun, Changhoo (Seoul National University, Korea)

Dr. Changhoo Chun, a Professor of Seoul National University (SNU) in Korea is mainly working on development of cultivation systems and environment manipulation/control for improving the nutritional qualities and economical values of vegetable crops. He is currently serving as the Director General of SNU Venture Valley currently incubating about 40 venture companies in agro- and bio- industries. He has worked with National and Prefectural Research Agencies and private companies in Korea who had major concerns in safe and stable food production under recent climate change conditions and in creation of creative economy with fusion of BT, CT and IT. Before he had joined the SNU in 2003, he was Assistant and Associate Professors of Chiba University, Japan for seven years and he had designed and developed several different types of closed-type transplant production systems and plant factories. Dr. Chun is also known as an early member of space agriculture group. He served as a research associate at NASA Specialized Center of Research of Training, Purdue University, USA from 1994 to 1997 and developed the dynamic control systems for plant production in space shuttles and space stations. Professor Changhoo Chun received a Bachelor's and master's degrees in horticultural sciences in 1987 and 1989, respectively from SNU, Korea and he earned a Ph. D. degree in agriculture engineering from the University of Tokyo, Japan in 1994.

2. Prof. Dongxian He (China Agricultral University, China)

Prof. Dongxian He is a professor of China Agricultura University. She is belonging to Key Lab. of Agricultural Engineering in Structure and Environment and her main ares are environment control, plant factory, plant environmental physiology. She was conferred PhD in Agriculture from Chiba University (Japan) in 2002 under supervising of Prof. Toyoki Kozai and Masayuki Hirafuji and started to work as a visiting researcher, National Agricultural Research Center, Japan, and was promoted as professor of China Agricultural University, China in 2004. Recently, she has been published scientific papers on non-destructive measurement of chlorophyll in tomato leaves based on spectral transmittance, a web-server-embedded information monitoring system for fruit farm, concomitance of photosynthetic pathways of CAM and C3 in medicinal Dendrobium officinale plants.

3. Prof. Eldert van Henten (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)

Prof. Eldert van Henten is heading the Farm Technology Group at Wageningen University since 2005. In 1987 he obtained his M.Sc. degree (with honours) in Agricultural Sciences at Wageningen University with a specialization Horticulture. In 1994 he obtained his Ph.D. degree in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University, with a PhD thesis entitled Greenhouse climate management: an optimal control approach. With protected cultivation and arable farming as main application fields, his research interests include sensing, modelling, design and (optimal) control of bio-systems, bio-robotics and high-tech automation and company logistics. He is (co-)author of 1 book, 2 book chapters and more than 125 papers in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings.

4. Dr. Jong-seok Park (Chungnam National University, South Korea)

Jong-seok Park

– primarily specialized in the medicinal plant production with artificial lighting. Dr. Park got Ph. D in horticultural engineering (plant manipulation with control environment) from University of Tokyo, Japan, Postdoctoral research training in the same University. He moved to Research Institute for Science and Technology which is supported by POSCO, iron manufacture company, Korea from 2010~2013. During that days, He managed a glass house (1.2ha) for sweet pepper and tomato production and supported to develop artificial lighting system with LED for plant factory. He moved to Lab. of environment horticulture in department of horticultural science, Chungnam National University as an assistant professor and has doing the mission of plant manipulation for growth and enhancing phytochemicals with controlled environment, especially, lighting, O3, plant hormones using vegetables and medicinal plants.